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Express Media offers a full range of domestic media buying services. Our strengths are in the development of media placement strategy and the development of cost effective and efficient media plans that can help you reach your target audience effectively and efficiently. Our broad range of agency experience extends over a number of categories including Beauty, Collectibles and Crafts, Consumer Goods, Entertainment, Health Products, Housewares, Entertainment, Fitness and Exercise, as well as Personal Development and Education. What you will not find at Express Media is red tape, preconceived notions, infrastructures, and formulas. What you will find is originality, creative thinking, quality, diversity, freshness, adaptability, and profitable results.

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Management, Planning, Buying, Strategy
Express Media provides comprehensive direct response agency services.


TV, Radio, Copy, Editing, Animation
Established in 2008, Express Media has an in-house design and production team.


Management, Planning & Sales,
We believe every company should make a strong and unique first impression.


Programming, Architecture, Design
Express Media has solid expertise and experience.


Integrated to Enhance Marketing
Express Media is a total technology solutions provider for all of our clients.


From Facebook to Blogs
Lets face it, the world is changing at a mind bending rate.


Design, Programming
Call Express Media today if you are looking to develope your website.


Full Service Design and Illustration
We can help you target your audience, develop your message.


Design, Patent, R & D
From the Fuzzy Front End (FFE), the messy "getting started" period.

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“The passion and dedication Express Media shows towards my campaigns are refreshing and much appreciated.”

Rick Shiu Director of Media, Beachbody, LLC

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“Express is an agency that understands having strong relationships with the reps and the stations they buy from is just as significant as the ones they have with their own clients..”

Steven Daerr VP of Media, Ideal Living Media, LLC

More Testimonials

“Express Media is far and away one of the top performing agencies in our industry today.”

Brad Day Paid Programming Manager, Cox Reps

More Testimonials


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Express Media, LLC is headquartered in Folsom, California and is among the top media buying agencies in the country. Founded in 1999 by Lisa Bodlak.

CEOs Bruce and Lisa Bodlak place great emphasis on the proactive business approach with a focus on producing quality results and increasing our client’s bottom line. Express Media’s mission is to stand above our competitors and exceed our clients expectations. Within a family environment, we act with integrity, honesty and dedication as we strive to leave lasting impressions with those we serve.