Management, Planning, Buying, Strategy

Express Media provides comprehensive direct response agency services. We have the expertise and influence to secure the lowest possible media placement rates. Express Media knows the exact point of diminishing returns to effectively reach our clients’ goals and stay within their budget. With almost 18 years of strong station and network relationships, we have the ability to negotiate lower rates and larger media schedules. While many agencies use this power to increase their own profitability, Express Media strongly believes in passing this savings to our clients.

Our experienced buying team has long-term relationships with the largest media companies in the world! Express Media has current working relationships with all the major players in TV, Radio, Print, Online Media; Hearst, Time Warner, Comcast, and others. Your company also has access to our relationships that will effectively deliver your message to customers at the lowest possible rates.

Television advertising is an integral part of creating a successful direct response campaign. Express Media offers our clients a competitive advantage across a national platform. Our superior negotiation skills allow us to maximize our client's return on investment. We offer specialization in the following areas:

Long Form Media: Commercials that are 28 minutes and 30 seconds in length, which are also referred to as "paid programming" or "infomercials". Long form media is generally used for a product that requires a more in-depth explanation or has a higher price point.

Short Form Media: A commercial lasting 30, 60, 90, 120 seconds or 5 minutes, which is also called “spot”. Short form media is beneficial for products that can be demonstrated briefly and is commonly used to drive retail sales.

Guaranteed Media: Both long form and short form commercials that guarantee a profit. The rate for guaranteed media is contingent upon the number of orders or leads that are generated from an airing.

Although print media is one of the first forms of advertising, it is still one of the most relevant and effective ways of influencing large audiences. Express Media offers premium placement of print ads in all major newspapers and magazines.

Online Media Placement
Online media planning and buying requires a strategic approach to integrated cross-channel marketing, intimate knowledge of new media channels and a detailed media buying plan that serves as a road map for media research, cross-channel creative development and media placement.

Online advertising allows a client to appeal to a global audience without the complexity and expense of a traditional media campaign. Our methodology begins with the development of a strategic plan for online/interactive media placement. We utilize our market research to estimate traffic and conduct cost analysis as well as ROI measurement methods. Express Media's online media services include, strategic ad placement in the form of banners and other types of online advertisements, giving our clients an opportunity to increase their market reach.

Express Media knows which radio stations and networks get results and which ones just look good on paper. We plan and place media buys on both the local and national level to maximize our clients' return on investment. We can quickly analyze a client’s prospects for success on radio. If the metrics are wrong, we'll say so.

If the numbers work, Express Media will buy the right media at the right price and will measure and manage the results for success. It’s an exceptionally powerful approach that allows us to consistently replicate success for our clients through radio media campaigns.

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